Budget Tips and Tricks for the Regular Golfer: Golf Equipment

Golf is not called a rich man’s game for nothing. Most of the golf equipment of this game would entail cashing out a fairly large amount of cash. For the players who enjoy playing but are not willing to splurge, here are a few tips on choosing golf equipment that could help save a few dollars.

1. Save money with golf balls.

Golf ballsOne of the first things that a beginner should know is that he would, in his span of learning and playing golf, lose quite a number of golf balls. While golf balls are not as expensive as other golf equipment, the average cumulative value of all the lost balls of a regular player is enough to purchase an entire set of golf attire. There are, however, golf balls made just for those who tend to lose balls easily but are not willing to lose as much cash.

There are golf balls called recycled balls that are sold at a large discount. These are usually lost balls by players that are found by ground keepers and sold to a recycling firm. The firm cleans the balls, removes the abrasions and stains and grades them according to the degree of quality. The graded ball are later sold at a significantly low price.

There are also budget balls called Mark outs or X-outs. These are balls that fail to pass the quality standards of a manufacturing firm but are still sold at bulk to the players. However, the balls will not be sold under the company’s name and are priced at such a great discount.

2. Decide on a traveling preference.

How a golf player travels greatly affects the kind of golf bag he should purchase. Golf bags are important, as these would be the storage of the player’s golf equipment. For those who enjoy walking in the course while playing, the best kind of bags would be the modern golf bags. These are lightweight golf bags that are made to be carried in the course. Moreover, one saves a few more dollars by walking rather than renting out a golf cart.

However, when one does not or cannot carry golf bags, either because of personal or health reasons, but he also prefers to walk and not rent out a golf cart, then he should just buy, or rent, a hand cart. These are carts especially designed to carry the golf bags.

To properly take care of a golf bag, one should make sure that the bag is placed in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight. The nylon in the bag could get weak and brittle if exposed to too much sunlight, causing the bag to break faster.

3. Get fitted.

The best golf clubs are those that are matched to their owners. Rather than just buy a set of clubs and then try which would best work or would feel the most comfortable, it would be better to go to a golf equipment store and ask to be fitted. Fitting entails finding clubs that match the player’s weight and height.

Golf_clubsHowever, golf clubfitting should only be done when one is really invested in playing golf. Golf clubs are likely the most expensive equipment that player would buy so if he is not as driven in playing golf, it would be better to stick to the standard golf clubs and stay away from the professional ones.

4. Invest in a nice attire.

Golf courses require a certain dress code for players. Different courses have their own minimum required golf attire. One does not need to purchase a completely new wardrobe just to play golf. A white clean collared polo shirt and slacks are enough in fact, this set of attire is the universally acknowledged golf attire.


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