PCB assembly or PCBA involves processes, technologies, tips, and strategies in order to produce quality outcomes. Hence, PCBA is the method of assembly or soldering electronic parts to the PCB. The circuit board before assembly of the electrical parts is called PCB. After all the necessary parts are soldered, you now call it “printed circuit assembly” or printed circuit board assembly. It’s also important to take not that assembling circuit boards varies from the manufacturing process. This is why you need PCBNet to help you understand the specialized techniques in creating ideal PCBs in the market.

PCB Fabrication PCB assembly includes various methods such as PCB prototype creation and PCB design. Here, you can get the various methods of PCB assembly. After the PCB is done, the electrical components are soldered prior to using the gadget or electronic equipment. The assembly process actually depends on the specific type of boards, electronic components, and purposes you are targeting. And in order to complete the assembling of these parts, you will need printed circuit board, electronic components, soldering materials, soldering flux, and soldering equipment. If you have all these requirements, you can now arrange the raw materials and electronic parts in order to begin the process of assembling.

PCBA with Through-Hole Electronic Parts

Electronic parts which contain leads from and to the through-holes for soldering process actually refer to the through-hole electronic parts. The soldering or assembly process involves hand soldering and wave soldering wherein solder bars is used at high temperature bath. The solder stays within the bath via molten form while forming waves at extremely high temperature. However, it’s important to understand that the temperature may depend on soldering type used. The traditional lead or tin solder contain low melting point unlike lade-free solder.

The PCBs with through-hole electronic parts are passed over via molted solder by using conveyor belt.The following are the steps included during te whole-wave soldering process:
  • Insertion of electrical parts
  • Flux application
  • Pre-heat
  • Cleaning
  • Testing

After this process, PCBs are then cleaned before they are tested. If there are faults or errors in solder joints, it is reworked through hand soldering done within manufacturing units where repair and rework jobs are completed. An excellent quality soldering iron or soldering station, flux, and solder wire are used when finishing this process.

What Are Surface Mount Technologies or SMTs

SMTs are PCBAs for SMD electric parts. The SMD parts do not actually have legs or leads so they are attached on the circuit board’s surface. However, the soldering materials, electric parts, and tools used in assembling the boards differ from through-hole soldering method. With the multiple steps needed in PCB assembly, you will need an expert assistance in order to help you produce the right ones for your business. You can count on PCBNet to guarantee results after the entire process.


When it comes to assembling and testing through-hole tech and SMT, there are various components to be considered before starting the process. For through-holes, component leads will be put in the circuit board while the leads will be soldered through the wave soldering method. Some components of SMT are put at the bottom of the circuit boards in order to efficiently solder them via wave soldering method as well. With SMT method, solder paste will be deposited through the connection pad and the components are put on the pads. When testing the PCBs, the assembled products are put in a fixture in order to bring electrical power and assess their functions.

Other Important Processes Involved

The active circuit boards will then be put in the “environmental stress system” or ESS chamber to cycle between low and high temperature systems within a specific amount of cycles in order to help identify if the stresses initiate failures on the assembled PCBs. If failures are detected, the boards will be evaluated again to determine the cause. With PCBNet’s expertise, you are guaranteed to receive high functioning printed circuit boards for your electronic needs. All you need to do is contact the hot line and talk to one of the representatives available.

The technologies, expertise, and advantages of gas supply provide by PCBNet in fact offer more advanced tools and higher profits to manufacturing businesses around the world. You can also take advantage of reduced defects, up time, and improved total costs for the ownership in PCBA as well as test methods needed in the fabrication process.

Improve your processed and equipment today with PCBNet’s professional and highly skilled engineers and technicians. Don’t be left behind. Working with a reliable PCB assembly partner today will provide you better marketability while enjoying cost efficient solutions offered by PCBNet.

Why You Need to Be a Certified Motivational Speaker

Motivational-SpeakerThere are several reasons why people become interested in becoming a motivational speaker. First, you are the boss of yourself. You basically hold your own schedule. Secondly, you express your thoughts on a matter you are expert in and at the same time, touch people’s lives. Also, you get to travel anywhere just to speak and you meet several interesting people along the way. To top it all, you get paid to do something you love.

But then again, competition is tough. Being a motivational speaker entails luck, strategy, talent and skill. How can you put yourself ahead of everyone else?

Importance of Certificate Course

A motivational speaker Certificate Course aims to develop your skills to become an effective speaker. This will ultimately give you an advantage in your self-branding and marketing strategies. You will earn not only a diploma but also respect from others as a professional speaker. Visit here also a great training ground where you obtain confidence, expertise of the matter, and a sense of accomplishment.

A certificate in speaking will also help improve your credentials. Finishing a course implies you’re earnest to become better at what you do. And most of all, this is a great way to boost your career and income.

Where to Apply

There are several programs offered online. Check the colleges and institutes that offer certificate programs for motivational speaking. Find out the course syllabus of each and pinpoint which best suits your preferences.

Some of the things you have to consider are:
  • motivationalLength of the program.

Although most of the courses are self-paced, there are schools that only allot a certain duration to finish the classes.

  • On and Off Campus Availability.

Do you have to go to campus, or is everything available online for home study?

  • Price.

Some offer the course for as low as $40, while some are so comprehensive that they go past the $400 mark.

  • Coverage of the course.

Does it include improvement in speeches only, or does it also offer lessons in presentation and business set-up? Will you be able to hear from a successful motivational speaker?

  • Credibility of the institution.

A lot of institution offers their services but you need to be wise in choosing one with a concrete foundation in learning, history, and achievements.

  • Feedback from other students.

It is best to listen to what others have to say. Did the course meet their previous students’ expectations?
What to Expect at the End of the Course
The core skills you will develop will vary on the topic coverage and the institution that offers the course. Still, here are some common examples:

  • Build confidence.

One of the things that should be addressed at the end of the course is fear of public speaking.

  • Knowledge in proper speech structure.

Great motivational speakers create great speech structure, persuasive tone, and appropriate application of motivational speech foundation.

  • Creating your own style.

Proper voice control, body language and tone, as well as perfect use of visuals must be addressed

  • Regional+Dialect+ModificationSetting up a Business.

Although this is something that is not usually covered, some institute or colleges incorporate this in their program to further the advantage of their students. It discusses not only speech preparation, but also setting up the needed finances for the speaking business, as well as introducing the students in handling employees and contracts.

  • How to get hired.

Just like setting up business, you may not find this topic in some motivational speaker certificate courses. This topic covers proper approach to employees, creating demo materials, and even creating proposals for salary rate.

Given all those points, one thing should be clear by now – getting certified is definitely a must.
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Budget Tips and Tricks for the Regular Golfer: Golf Equipment

Golf is not called a rich man’s game for nothing. Most of the golf equipment of this game would entail cashing out a fairly large amount of cash. For the players who enjoy playing but are not willing to splurge, here are a few tips on choosing golf equipment that could help save a few dollars.

1. Save money with golf balls.

Golf ballsOne of the first things that a beginner should know is that he would, in his span of learning and playing golf, lose quite a number of golf balls. While golf balls are not as expensive as other golf equipment, the average cumulative value of all the lost balls of a regular player is enough to purchase an entire set of golf attire. There are, however, golf balls made just for those who tend to lose balls easily but are not willing to lose as much cash.

There are golf balls called recycled balls that are sold at a large discount. These are usually lost balls by players that are found by ground keepers and sold to a recycling firm. The firm cleans the balls, removes the abrasions and stains and grades them according to the degree of quality. The graded ball are later sold at a significantly low price.

There are also budget balls called Mark outs or X-outs. These are balls that fail to pass the quality standards of a manufacturing firm but are still sold at bulk to the players. However, the balls will not be sold under the company’s name and are priced at such a great discount.

2. Decide on a traveling preference.

How a golf player travels greatly affects the kind of golf bag he should purchase. Golf bags are important, as these would be the storage of the player’s golf equipment. For those who enjoy walking in the course while playing, the best kind of bags would be the modern golf bags. These are lightweight golf bags that are made to be carried in the course. Moreover, one saves a few more dollars by walking rather than renting out a golf cart.

However, when one does not or cannot carry golf bags, either because of personal or health reasons, but he also prefers to walk and not rent out a golf cart, then he should just buy, or rent, a hand cart. These are carts especially designed to carry the golf bags.

To properly take care of a golf bag, one should make sure that the bag is placed in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight. The nylon in the bag could get weak and brittle if exposed to too much sunlight, causing the bag to break faster.

3. Get fitted.

The best golf clubs are those that are matched to their owners. Rather than just buy a set of clubs and then try which would best work or would feel the most comfortable, it would be better to go to a golf equipment store and ask to be fitted. Fitting entails finding clubs that match the player’s weight and height.

Golf_clubsHowever, golf clubfitting should only be done when one is really invested in playing golf. Golf clubs are likely the most expensive equipment that player would buy so if he is not as driven in playing golf, it would be better to stick to the standard golf clubs and stay away from the professional ones.

4. Invest in a nice attire.

Golf courses require a certain dress code for players. Different courses have their own minimum required golf attire. One does not need to purchase a completely new wardrobe just to play golf. A white clean collared polo shirt and slacks are enough in fact, this set of attire is the universally acknowledged golf attire.


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For The Best Game: Different Golf Balls You Need To Know

Golf- BallsGolf Balls are more than just those little spheres that golfers try to whack to see how far they can fly. They are an integral part of the game and can determine how a golfer performs depending on field conditions and their handicap. This only implies that picking the right ball can determine how well a golfer can fare on his day at the field. To do this, you must get acquainted with the different balls for golf out there.

Recreational Balls

Not everyone thinks of golf as a professional sport. For a lot, it is just an easy past time. This is why manufacturers create golf balls that are designed for the more casual market. Recreational balls are designed for average golfers whose swing speeds average around 90 to 95 mph. Also, these balls are designed to withstand punishment from constant whacking. This makes it ideal for those who tend to constantly hit the ball out of bounds.

These golf balls are designed with two layers whose outer cover is far stronger than the core cover. This leads to lower compression, which is best for those with a lower swing speed. Plus, the design allows for lesser side spin, which in turn prevents the ball from veering off course in each swipe.

Finally, these balls are made from inexpensive materials, which make them great for casual golfers. If you were to dent them as you swing the club or lose them, for instance, replacing them will not cost you a pretty penny.

Advanced Balls

For players with considerable experience in golfing, recreational golf balls just don’t cut it anymore. Designed with three various layers or more, this ball type is best for those whose swing speeds can reach 100 mph and above. The core area for these balls is also comprised of both hard and soft material. This results in a ball that generates a certain amount of spin from golf clubs, like wedges.

Due to the multilayered covering, these balls are optimized for those with a strong swing speed. In fact, hitting an advanced ball at 90mph or less will generate a lesser strength and can only cover a short distance.

Also, the multiple layers result in a compression level of 100, which means it is quite tough to the touch and possesses a certain heft. However, if you can match the compression level with a strong swing speed, the ball will generate enough strength to travel a long distance without veering off course.

Ball Fitting

How does one actually pick the right ball? This is where the process of fitting golf balls comes into play. Practiced by experts, or veteran golfers, this process is all about matching the ball to the conditions of the field and to a golfer’s personal attributes. Fitting will involve factoring in physical concepts, like trajectory, wind speed, and durability. Also, a person’s experience, strength, and handicap will be considered in golf ball fitting.

Golf BallsThe sole purpose of this process is always to find a way to maximize a person’s swinging ability. In other words, a ball should always complement the ability of a golfer and make them adapt to field conditions. Even top-quality balls can be rendered worthless if they are not matched according to the player’s abilities. At ball fitting, a golfer can understand which ball works best for the game.
Playing with the right ball will always result in a good game. In order to get the most out of the experience, you will need to understand how a ball’s makeup will affect your game on a regular basis. Picking the right ball for your game will always result in a better score.